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Did you know that sanitizers were developed in the 1800s?

Feel 21st Century protection with Ecoshield!

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With Ecoshield Skin, I know my busy family is being protected from germs all day long....

Rachel - Cincinnati, Ohio

Ecoshield gives me peace of mind knowing my employees and customers are protected from germs and bacteria all day....

Clayton - Bloomington, Indiana

My students love Ecoshield Skin and I love knowing that we only need to apply it one time in the morning and it protects us all day long....

Patti - Columbus, Ohio

With Ecoshield our residents don't need to worry about touching germs that someone else left behind....

Hector - Chino, California

"Always On" Protection

Creates a barrier that stays in place, constantly killing microbes for a long period of time with a single application!

Kills Mechanically

Surface of microscopic spikes destroys microbes without using any toxic chemicals and is alcohol free!

Versitile and Safe for Long Term Use

Non-toxic, transparent, no chemical poisons, and Ecoshield Surface can be used on all types of surfaces, including food contact surfaces!

At Home, At Work, Or At School

Ecoshield Has You Covered

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ecoshield Skin FDA registered?

Is Ecoshield Skin safe to use?

Will Ecoshield Skin work even if I wash my hands?

Does Ecoshield Skin really last all day?

Why haven't I heard of Ecoshield Skin?

How is Ecoshield Skin different from regular hand sanitizers?

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